Published on 18. March 2013 by Johannes Huefken

Claviorganum, Masterpiece by Johannes Hüfken

The claviorganum is a historical and rarely used keyboard instrument in which a chest organ and a harpsichord form a symbiosis. The sound is fascinating and impressed me deeply. So I decided to build such an instrument as a masterpiece of my training.

Dom Bédos (1709 - 1779) describes in detail a claviorganum - but only the organ part. As an organ builder I have never built a harpsichord. The harpsichord was the "unknown" and the great challenge. So I asked myself: should I buy the harpsichord as well? I presented my project to specialist teachers who are experienced harpsichord and organ builders at the school of musical instruments in Ludwigsburg. The masters and teachers motivated me and promised their support. In order to make optimum use of these, I have designed and worked on the harpsichord in addition to the specialist courses for the master organ builder at any free time. All this was exciting for me and not always successful at the first attempt.

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