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with Orgelbau Hüfken

Dear applicants!

Perhaps this homepage has aroused your interest in training as an organ builder in my company. For our company we are looking for young people motivated to train as organ and harmonium builders. .

Organ and harmonium builder specializing in organ building is a recognized profession. The dual training is completed within 3.5 years. The vocational school (in block instruction) takes place in Ludwigsburg. More information about this school can be found at www.ows-lb.de 

Johannes Hüfken

The profession of organ builder

Period of training:42 Monate
Schule:Central vocational school in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart
Oscar Walcker School Ludwigsburg
educational contents:http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/orgausbv/BJNR015660984.html
training organisation:block teaching
journeyman's examination:in Ludwigsburg general examination or in front of the Chamber of Crafts with individual journeyman's piece.


Under Handwerk.de the job description is very beautifully described

Pull out all the stops - as an organ and harmonium builder you have the opportunity. In your profession you not only assemble new instruments, but also restore and repair historical organs or harmonies. All ears for modern technology You see a lot at work, because you often have to drive to where the instruments are located in addition to the workshop work. You often work in churches or concert halls.

The job promises diversity

Before an organ is built, reliable information on the architecture, room size and load-bearing capacity of the subsoil is required. And the acoustic conditions also play a role. If you have a lot of professional experience, your task can be to adapt the dimensions and sound characteristics of the instruments to the respective spatial conditions. With strength and special knowledge craftsmanship skills are used, for example, in wood processing for cabinet, windchest and wooden pipe construction. When assembling or transporting the instruments, you will have to mobilize your reserves of strength from time to time. Knowledge in electrics, pneumatics and mechanics are also included. And last but not least, a good musical ear is required when tuning the organ pipes..

If you can reconcile these diverse requirements with your ideas and talents, then a truly harmonious professional life beckons you.

(Source: handwerk.de modified for our company)

As you can see, the requirements in the company are very varied

That is why we expect an extended secondary school diploma or the Abitur.

It would be very good if you played an instrument - piano or organ is of course very obvious. But that's not a prerequisite.

Since we work a lot in churches, belonging to a church is a good basis to know how to behave in these rooms and what purpose the music for which we make instruments serves. You can also understand our customers with their motivation and values. If you are not a church member, but are open to learning in this field in addition to your professional training, this is a good basis.

The good completion of a vocational elementary school year in wood technology is a particular advantage when assessing your application, as a great deal of work in organ building requires carpentry skills. Your skills in this field will also be very useful later in Ludwigsburg during the block lessons.

Since you do not know what to expect when you apply to our company and we also need to see whether you fit into our team, a three-week internship is a basic requirement for an apprenticeship contract.

You will be taught and acquire skills in the following areas in Ludwigsburg

According to your school requirements (Abitur) you can also choose the following additional lessons:

Further training is available if you are a master organ and harmonium builder or a restorer. We are pleased if we have aroused your interest and you apply to us. .